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Find all of your Computer and Data Storage requirements in here including Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Tape Drives, DVD, Network Attached Storage and CDs.
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Blu Ray, DVD and CD Optical Drives


Flash Memory

Floppy Drives

Hard Disks

A hard disk (or hard drive) is internal hardware which stores and provides access to large amounts of information. Most new computers include an internal hard disk that contains several gigabytes of storage capacity.

Magnetic platters, electronics and mechanics make up a hard disk. The platters are fixed to a spindle. On each side of a platter there is a read/write head. Each platter is divided in to tracks, which again is divided into sectors. A characteristic with hard disks is that the platters and the mechanics are in an airtight enclosure, and that the read/write heads do not touch the platters as long as the platters are rotating.

Network Attached Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) systems are generally computing-storage devices that can be accessed over a computer network, rather than directly being connected to the computer (via a computer bus). This enables multiple users to share the same storage space at once, and often minimises overhead by centrally managing hard disks.

Removable Cartridge Drives

Storage Area Network

Tape Drives

A tape drive, is a data storage device that reads and writes data stored on magnetic tapes. Tape Drives are typically used for data backup, recovery and archive. Tape Drives come in many flavours including LTO, Ultrium, DAT, DDS, VXA and AIT.

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